Our Environment

As a small business and team, The Scouted co. is committed to taking impactful steps to reduce our footprint and educate our community to live slowly and purposefully. 

We aren't perfect, however we are always devoted to learning and adapting our approach to better our earth.

We've taken the following steps to reduce our impact;

  • 100% home compostable mailer bags made from cornstarch & co-polymer.
  • Eco friendly & minimal packaging & printing, designed to be repurposed. Read our blog on ‘5 Ways to repurpose our packaging”
  • Minimal printing waste (e-receipts)
  • Stocking brands that align with our philosophy and commitment on minimising environmental impact.
  • Cruelty free always!
  • Unisex & quality clothing/products designed to be passed down and used for years to come.